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Axial Flow Fan

EOL Ventsystem

Specially designed for underground ventilation, offers a complete ventilation system along with expertise for the correct calculation and design of suitable ventilation equipment. The EOL Ventsystem consists of system design, axial fan, dampers, silencers and frequency converters. 
The company has been involved in mining and tunneling operations for more than 100 years and offers well designed products and competence for this demanding industry. The AKRON factory is located in western Sweden about 100 kilometers northeast of Gothenburg. 


The dimensions of EOL Vensystem can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.Our normal range is between 500 to 1800 mm with variable hub diameters and motor sizes up to 250 kW per stage. All fans can be delivered as multi stage fans.
Our fans are constructed from a modern module system based on pressure and volume demands. The standard capacity is up to 105 m3/s and 4200 Pa per stage.


The EOL Ventsystem is a very high performance ventilation system for all possible Mining and Tunneling situations. Our fans go through extensive testing according to several ISO standards, in the state of the art laboratories in Akron, who has one of the largest pressure chambers in Europe.

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EOL Ventsystem is the main supplier of mining fans to LKAB, which has the world's largest underground iron mine. More than 500 fans have been delivered in the last 5 years. Europe and Asia are the main market for tunneling projects. The fan on the right is one of three fans delivered in 2007 to a tunnel project in Norway, for the Norwegian contractor MIKA AS. 

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1‌. Guard- Guard with different size of mesh for different applications.
2. Inlet cone/Bell mouth- Inlet diameter and length as per customer request.
3. EVS Silencer- Modern designed silencer with or without the centre mod. The silencer is galvanized and has a wielded frame between the flangers making it a very rugged construction. The polygon shape makes the silencer robust and stable.
4. EVS Fans- High efficiency impeller with adjustable pitch angle. Fan casing is galvanized and has a sturdy construction with guides vanes specially designed for underground use. 
5. Diffuser- The outlet diameter is manufactured to standard duct diameters. To reduce the fan outlet losses to the minimum, the diffuser can be equipped with an inner cone.
6. Duct connection- Manufactured to, standard tube diameters. 
7. Starting equipment and frequency converters- EVS fans may be equipped with different electrical control system to suit customer requirements. 
8. Frames- The EVS fans are equipped with a separable Module-Frame-System giving each silencer and fan chassis its own frame. It is a flexible system for adding or removing silencers or fans very easy, for serial fan connection, or disconnection of multi stage fan.


EVS fan performance curves shown for single stage fans , all fans can be delivered as multi stage fans.

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