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We have been a preferred supplier to a number of hydroelectric power projects in the subcontinent for a long time and are well known for providing solutions to the Indian mining industry.

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The Shah Group of Companies consist of the following entities

The Group has a long and successful history of providing solutions to the Indian Mining Industry and has been the preferred supplier to a number of Hydro Electric Power Projects in the sub-continent.

The One Stop Destination For

Tunnel Ventilation Solutions

Ventilation Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd.

manufactures PVC Ventilation Ducting and systems for use in Mines and Tunnels from 200mm to 3500mm dia. The Company also manufactures tailor made Ventilation Ducting in accordance with customer specifications and samples.

Flexible Hose Industries

Manufactures Flexible PVC & POLYURETHANE hoses with SS wire reinforcement from 38mm to 600mm dia. and High Temperature SILICONE, NEOPRENE & SANTOPRENE Hoses from 38mm to 600mm dia. The company manufactures High Temperature stitching/Clip Hoses up to 1000 Deg.C. and also manufactures Hoses as per Customer’s Specification & Samples.

Colliery Equipment & Spares

manufactures RHINO VOICE Communication systems for use in mines and tunnels. The company is the sole selling agent in India for :

Eaton FHF Germany for Intrinsically Safe DGMS Approved Sound Power Telephones for use in Underground Mines & Tunnels, Explosion proof Ex-ResistTel Telephones, Beacons & Sounders for use in Refineries & EATON FHF Bergbautechnik Mine Automation and Communication Systems.

M/s EOL Ventsystem AB / Sweden for their Axial Flow Fans. Communication Systems.

M/s Jensen Ventilation AB / Sweden for their PVC Ventilation Ducting.

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd

manufactures Coal Mining Equipment such as Dampers, Frequency Convertors & Axial Flow Fans for use in mines and tunnels.